Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Preparing for a wedding can be hectic, challenging, and downright crazy. In some instances, a DJ is the last vendor that couples consider when they’re booking and getting people lined up.

That’s no slam on the DJ, but the fact is that most couples are simply unfamiliar with the styles of most disk jockeys until they hear their work for the first time – which will likely be at their own wedding!

But just because you didn’t think about your DJ right away doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever put some thought into it! In reality, you should think through your choices carefully – the DJ can easily set the tone for your entire reception.

But what do you need to know from your DJ? That depends on what your priorities are. To start,  consider these questions.

The Questions to Ask

  1. What kind of music do you play?
  2. What kind of pricing options do you have available?
  3. Do any (or all) of your packages include sound for ceremonies?
  4. Are you insured?
  5. Do you take requests?
  6. Can you work with a playlist we developed ourselves?
  7. Do I get to choose my own DJ? (To be asked if you’re working with a larger firm.)
  8. What do you consider your own style to be?
  9. How much space do you need?
  10. Do you provide all of your own equipment? (Almost any DJ should!)

Other Things to Know

Before you decide that any DJ will do or that you can tell the quality of someone’s character just by talking with them on the phone (or maybe even in person) you will want to be sure to look up reviews for the company you’re planning to work with.

Sadly, there are DJ companies out there that do a consistently poor job and get reviews that reflect that. Somehow, these companies still manage to get bookings and end up making receptions subpar in so many ways.

It’s also important to be aware that an entire day’s worth of DJing isn’t always provided. You may not have the opportunity to use your DJ for ceremony sound or until all hours of the night. Some companies and individuals restrict this, and you will definitely want to know that on the front end.