Cake and donuts are popular at weddings for a reason – they’re delicious! However, some couples are eager for the chance to have something a little bit different. If you’re looking to be a little more outside the box and unique with your wedding day dessert choices, this is the article for you.

This list showcases some amazing desert caterers and vendors in the greater Minneapolis area. While there are tons of great dessert vendors in Minneapolis, this list is created more specifically to consist of only those that offer something truly unique and hard to find anywhere else.

Some of these ideas might be right up your alley while others might seem crazy to even think about. The decision is yours!

Also, please note that not everyone on this list is defined as a “wedding” caterer/vendor. Some of these companies are also available for corporate events and other gatherings. I haven’t checked with each vendor to verify their terms, capacity, or openness to weddings, but did make an effort to exclude any vendor that explicitly notes that they don’t do weddings.

North Mallow

North Mallow brings a truly unique dessert option to your wedding. Their offering a s’more bar that includes gourmet marshmallows, a variety of chocolates, and graham crackers. Your guests will have the opportunity to roast their own “mallows” whether your indoors or outside.

For obvious reasons, North Mallow is an extremely memorable choice that your wedding guests will talk about for years to come. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to build your own s’more at a wedding – especially one that offers caramel marsmallows, chocolate marshmallows, and completely unique options you’ve probably never had the chance to taste before.

Cotton and Whim

Cotton and Whim offers a cotton candy that’s not the same one that you’re likely thinking of. While most of us remember red and blue cotton candies from fairs, amusement parks, or the like, Cotton and Whim takes the idea one step further.

This cart offers cotton candy for weddings in flavors like vanilla pear, almond, and raspberry rose. That kind of uniqueness is hard to find at many other weddings around Minneapolis.

Before trying this cotton candy, you might not have ever known that this old classic could come off as such a gourmet option. Your wedding dessert or cocktail hour will be extra memorable if it includes a treat like this.

MN Nice Cream

MN Nice Cream is relatively new to Minneapolis, but it’s already making major waves. The company started out with a food truck and now operates a shop that’s located in Northeast Minneapolis next to Able Brewery.

If you like soft serve ice cream, you’ll love the unique spin that MN Nice Cream puts on it. There are tons of unique flavor combinations to try and plenty of mix-ins and other toppings to consider. To book the food truck for your event, head to their website to get in touch.

Hans Bakery

While Hans Bakery may, at first glance, offer a more “common” wedding dessert offering, there are some really unique elements that this bakery offers.

Your guests can still enjoy delicious donuts, but there are some incredibly unique ways that Hans can present them as well. Try a Texas donut wedding cake! The bakery makes gigantic donuts that can be shared by a whole bunch of people. You can even purchase a “3-tier” wedding cake by making a special order for a Texas Donut, a regular donut, and a donut hole assembled into one.

T-Rex Cookie

Like Hans Bakery, T-Rex Cookie puts a spin on a classic. Cookies already make a great choice for any occassion, but these cookies are even more special. A typical T-Rex cookie is a half-pound. These giants can serve multiple people.

However, if you’re interested in living even larger, you can order 5 pound cookies that serve up to 40 people! T-Rex cookies come in all sorts of delicious flavors – neither you nor your guests will miss the wedding cake when these cookies roll out.