Top 10 MN Wedding Videographers

As a wedding photographer here in Minneapolis, I’m constantly crossing paths with some of the most talented wedding professionals in the industry. This list is opinion-based and contains just a few of my favorite wedding videographers in Minnesota.

There are others that I’d love to include, but for now, I’m sticking to these ten! The videographers below are listed in no particular order. I have not ranked them from 1 – 10. I’m confident that almost any couple would be pleased to work with any of these talented wedding videographers.

1. Story of Us Films

The Story of Us team has been in the business of producing amazing wedding videos for quite some time. They have a great reputation for being a go-to choice, and they produce consistently great work.

The reason that I like Story of Us is because their style is timeless. When couples look back at a wedding video shot by this team, they won’t have to worry about the video being stuck in a specific time frame or coming off as corny when they watch it years down the road. Story of Us Films has shot plenty of amazing videos that you should consider taking a look at. Part of the fun is in the fact that they’ve done a number of destination weddings.

To see their work, click here.

2. Narrate Studios

The Narrate Studios team is another example of a go-to choice in the Minneapolis market. Their work is absolutely breathtaking and involves a high attention to detail and precision. When you work with the Narrate team, you can expect them to take great care to capture a video that will leave you in awe once you’ve finished it.

Another thing I like about the Narrate team is that they have diverse video production backgrounds and have worked on a variety of projects. This gives them a unique perspective into how to produce a video that stacks up to even high-end corporate projects.

For examples of Narrate’s work, check out their films page.

3. Clarity Films

The Clarity Films team is one that approaches projects the right way. They don’t take any shortcuts. This is a great example of a wedding videography company that’s been around for a long time for a good reason.

The videos that the Clarity team produces are artistic, classy, and beautifully stylized.

For examples of the work that Clarity Films produces, check out their site.

4. Alma Films

The Alma Films team is personable, experienced, and a great choice for practically any couple that’s in search of a videographer. Their work has a beautiful style that’s identifiably their’s. The same cannot be said for all wedding videographers!

If you’re considering the Alma team, you can rest assured that they’re competent, accommodating, and perfectly suited to capture your day.

For an example of work done by Alma Films, take a look at this page.

5. Zac Anderson

Zac Anderson is a wedding videographer that goes above and beyond for every client. He’s constantly working to exceed his clients expectations. His style is another that I would consider to be timeless – it’s unlikely to be lost in translation years from now when couples are viewing (and hoping to enjoy) their wedding video.

Zac’s a skilled videographer and editor, and clients can expect a high standard to be upheld by him.

For examples of Zac’s work, check out his website.

6. Affinity Film Co.

Affinity Film Co. is a newer video production company here in Minneapolis, but you’d never know it based on the work that they produce. Affinity’s videos are beautifully produced and personalized for each client.

When working with Affinity, you can expect your videographer to be competent, artistic, and reliable.

For examples of the work that Affinity produces, check out their website.

7. B + M Productions

Blake and Michael of B + M Productions work hard to produce great results for their clients. Their videos are carefully pieced together and are designed to preserve all of a couple’s most important memories from their wedding day.

Blake and Michael are personable, talented, and dependable. Their work is highly technical and it translates onto the screen beautifully.

To see some of Blake and Michael’s work, take a look at their site.

8. One:One

One:One is among the premier videography teams working here in Minneapolis. They offer a wide range of add-ons, choices, and different opportunities that are sure to help you get just what you need.

I like the work that the One:One team produces because it’s outside of the ordinary and beautiful. Unlike some of the teams that get too caught up in details, the One:One team focuses on helping you to remember the things that matter from your big day.

To view weddings captured by the One:One team, head here.

9. Landon Oldenburger Videography

Landon Oldenburger is a great choice if you’re looking for a videographer with a cinematic edge. His work is breathtaking and thoughtful and feels unique to each couple that he’s shot for.

The reason I appreciate Landon’s work is because it doesn’t look like the work of a typical wedding videographer. It’s identifiably his, but it’s also especially unique for each and every client.

If you like wedding videos that feel romantic and artistic, consider taking a look at Landon’s work by visiting his website.

10. Harvest Film Co.

The Harvest Film Co. team has a running reputation as one of the best choices for videography in the Minneapolis area. I have to agree with the general consensus – their work is phenomenal.

I enjoy the work that the Harvest Film team does because it’s so elegant and stylistic. As with all of the other choices on this list, it’s important to me that the work this team does is identifiably theirs.

Want to know more about Harvest? Visit their website by clicking here.