Never Hire This Kind of Wedding Vendor

We’ve all met this kind of person somewhere: they’re in the workplace, on the used car lot, and just about everywhere else too.

The kind of person I’m talking about is what I’ll refer to as the dominating vendor for the rest of this article. These people are overpowering, aggresive, and downright difficult to deal with. But here’s the one other part of their style that makes it even more frustrating: it works out nicely for them.

I’m not one to name names, but if you ask just about any wedding vendor to share a nightmare story involving another vendor, I would bet you that just about every single person would have a hilarious anecdote to share.

But that’s not what you want from your wedding day vendors. You’re not looking for them to be so difficult that it’s hilarious, you’re looking for them to do a great job and make your day more special.

You might be thinking: why would I ever hire this person?

Believe it or not, it happens often. Why?

Because many dominating vendors have become that way by getting great results from pushing others around. So when you go to look at this person’s work, you might be blown away: their photos are incredible, their videos are seamless, and so on and so on.

But, blinded by this, many couples forget how much personality matters in their vendors. They sense the difficult personality on the phone or at a consultation, but they choose to ignore it because they want to be able to get to the end result.

Here’s why that’s just not worth it.

How Dominating Vendors Stifle Other Vendors

When you look at the work of a dominating vendor, it tends to be impressive. Why? Because it comes at the expense of someone – either you or one of your vendors.

Since I’m a photographer, I’ll illustrate with one of the most common dueling vendor scenarios – videographers vs. photographers.

It’s not impossible for videographers to get along with photographers (or the other way around). In fact, in a healthy photographer/videographer relationship, the two can work together to actually make both your photos and videos better. They can offer two unique perspectives on different settings, posings, and stylings to help make both of their end products better.

But all too often, a dominating vendor ends up as one of the two. It’s not uncommon to have a photographer that’s too ‘in your face’ to ever let a videographer get a shot. It’s also not uncommon for videographers to pull couples away from a spot before a photographer is finished or for a photographer to step in front of a camera during the ceremony. You get the picture.

It might sound like a whole bunch of accidents, and sometimes it is. In other cases, competitiveness between vendors goes too far and each works to ruin the other’s product. Believe me: this actually happens!

If you have a vendor who’s dominating everything and causing a scenario like this to arise, it could make one thing look great and ruin the other. And this doesn’t just happen with photographers and videographers. The problem could be your DJ, event planner, or just about anyone else!

The Misery of Being Pushed Around (On Your Own Wedding Day!)

Not convinced that the worst case scenario sounds so bad? Unfortunately, I haven’t even gotten as far as to mention it yet. Unhealthy competition between vendors is bad, but it’s much worse for you to be pushed around by a vendor on your wedding day.

Almost every wedding vendor has seen it happen at least once. An overly ambitious vendor puts their work first and drags the couple into situations that they don’t want to be in. Just like anyone else, wedding vendors can be demanding, and it’s not uncommon to see one that gets obsessed with the way things “should” be – to a fault. They’ll demand for you to follow their agenda rather than your own.

Don’t let this happen to you! If you sense that you might be getting intertwined with a dominating personality, get away while you still can!