Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Chara Michele | Art de la Photographie

Creating Timeless Memories

I love wedding photography because it offers the unique potential to preserve some of the most important memories you’ll make in your lifetime.

At weddings, brides and grooms are surrounded by family and friends – sometimes even those that come from around the country or the world.

It’s always a pleasure to be entrusted with the responsibility to make sure that this is all remembered. I love capturing everything – from the details to the most memorable moments.

After all, great photography is all about accurately and effectively capturing great moments.

Getting Married in Minneapolis?

In Minneapolis, there are tons of beautiful wedding venues and photo destinations to pick from. Longtime destinations like the Van Dusen Mansion have been impressing for years while newer venues like The Hutton House are already wowing brides and grooms.

A wedding venue can have a significant impact on how your photos look. Whether you’ve picked one or not, I’d love to talk more about how your day is shaping up.

minneapolis wedding photographer
minneapolis wedding photographer

What’s Included?

In all of my packages, I offer my clients high-resolution edited images and an online photo gallery.

Some of my packages offer coverage that’s up to 10 hours worth of shooting. Other packages offer 6 or 8 hours of shooting. My clients also have the option to choose between having one or two photographers.

I’m also happy to help you plan out your day and its timeline – no matter what package you book. Minneapolis offers an incredibly varied number of experiences for weddings, but I’m happy to work with you no matter where you’re planning to go. 

From A to Z - Preperation to Reception

In my experience shooting weddings, I’ve learned that the day flies by quickly. Sometimes, everything can seem like such a blur, and there can be so much activity that even great memories are lost in the mix.

My goal is to take a part in preserving these memories. You’ll probably always remember bits of your ceremony, your first dance, and the biggest moments, but I’m also there for the little things.

So that I can capture everything, I offer packages with choices of 6, 8, or 10 hours of coverage. By doing this, I can ensure that all of my clients have the opportunity to preserve memories from the first preparations to the ceremony and through to the reception.

If you’re planning to drive all around Minneapolis in search of the best spots, you may want to plan for a little bit extra time. If your schedule’s looking streamlined and fast-moving then a shorter package may provide just enough time to work with.

If you’re interested in talking more about booking a wedding photographer for your wedding in Minneapolis, let’s talk! More information about my packages are available here on my site.
Also, if you’re looking for a photographer to travel a little bit outside the Twin Cities, I’m available for that as well! I’d be happy to talk about making travel arrangements that make sense for you and your wedding.