Mankato Wedding Photographer

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Creating Timeless Memories

Great wedding photographers know that their craft is about so much more than taking stills. In reality, a wedding photographer’s primary goal should be to capture the most important memories that happen on a wedding day.

When I work with clients, I make an effort to get to know them personally so that I can understand what matters to them and how I can capture it.

If any couple chooses me as their wedding photographer, I consider it my responsibility to deliver upon the expectations that we set together. I focus on taking amazing photos, but also on preserving memories, cooperating with other wedding vendors, and collaborating with couples and bridal parties.

Having a Wedding in Mankato, MN?

Mankato might not be as large as Minneapolis, but it’s a great wedding destination. Great wedding venues are popping up all around the city – couples will find that there’s a surprising amount of variety in the choices that they can make.

If you’re getting married in Mankato, I’d be happy to shoot your wedding. I’m from Minneapolis myself, but I’m always up for a little bit of travel. If you’re interested in booking me, feel free to send me a message. I’d be happy to talk a little more about it!

minneapolis wedding photographer
minneapolis wedding photographer

What’s Included?

If you head over to my “Wedding Packages” page, you’ll find a variety of packages that I’ve designed to fit a range of potential budgets. In all of my packages, you can expect high-resolution, processed photos; an online photo gallery; and at least 6 hours of photography coverage.

However, I also offer packages that include photo coverage from two photographers for up to 10 hours each. If you want to ensure that every moment of your day is expertly preserved, one of these packages may be for you.

Not to mention, I’d be happy to help you plan out your day and its timeline – no matter what package you book.

Complete Wedding Day Coverage

Even great moments fly by quickly on wedding days. In my opinion, this is the absolute best reasonĀ to invest in a great photographer. Even moments that seem unforgettable are often best kept by the photos that are captured.

You’ll probably never forget your first dance or walking down the aisle. For all of the other great moments that your day holds, you’ll have your wedding photos. That’s what makes me take my job so seriously.

If you’re not sure of your day’s timeline or how it would look with a wedding photographer, I’d be happy to work through some of the planning processes with you. I offer packages ranging from 6 to 10 hours of photo coverage. For some couples, 6 hours is enough to capture every moment and for others, 10 hours of coverageĀ is necessary. Not all weddings are the same, after all. Since that’s the case, I’m happy to work with you to create a package that’s tailor-made for you.

Looking to book a wedding photographer in Mankato? Let’s talk a little bit more about how we can work together! If you want to know more about what it is that I offer, you can also take a look at the packages I offer here on my site.
If you’re not located in Mankato but are looking for a wedding photographer, I’d be happy to talk about that as well! I’m located in Minneapolis, but I’m always up for travelling and working something out so that you have options available that suit your budget.