Last year I moved from Seattle to Minneapolis because I’d gotten a small but irresistible taste of being an aunt.

My family is dear to me….

For most of the last decade, I worked and lived in Seattle. I built my thriving wedding photography company in Washington, but soon, my sister got married and started having children.

Part of why I love shooting weddings is because I get the opportunity to capture the culmination of family, friends, and an expression of love.

Since love & family are a big part of why I love weddings, it only made sense after becoming an aunt and meeting my nephews in person for the first time that this was too important to miss, no matter how hard it would be to restart.

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Luckily, my love for capturing weddings through my Canon 5D Mark IV has allowed me to pick up right where I left off.

I’ve been photographing weddings as a contractor in Minneapolis for a photography company called Bellagala. Working with Bellagala has been great while I’ve worked to build up my word-of-mouth pipeline again.

Building my Reputation in Good Old Minnesota:

What’s good about this is that I’m able to perform for one of the top agencies in the area, building my network and reputation at the same time as I stay current in the wedding photography field. Wedding photography is more than a business, it’s an art and an expression of your love!