If you’re like the average couple, you’re spending hundreds and hundreds of hours on wedding planning. Let’s be honest, it’s fun for awhile, but after a time, the fun starts to turn into the feeling that you’re working an unpaid job.

Of course, the logical solution to the wedding planning blues is find a wedding planner to hire. There’s only one problem with that: time typically isn’t the only thing that couples are investing. The average wedding costs about $30,000, so spending another $1,000 – $5,000 on a wedding planner isn’t always the most desirable option.

That said, the wedding planner dilemma is a classic time vs. money situation. It’s up to you to decide which is more important – your budget or your sanity (just kidding…sort of.)

To land on a conclusion, consider these things.

Are You a Bridezilla?

No really, this is a serious question. If you know yourself, you can probably make a decent guess as to whether the wedding planning process will stress you out.

Think about scenarios like these:

  • Choosing Vendors
  • Negotiating for Deals
  • Ensuring that Someone’s Overseeing Setup & Tear Down
  • Creating a Day-Of Timeline
  • Troubleshooting

Would any of these things stress you out if they came on top of the details you’re already trying to coordinate – everything from the kind of napkins you’ll use to the photographer you’ll pick?

If so, consider whether paying for a wedding planner would be worth the expense if they could take this burden off of your shoulders. You might not be a bridezilla today, but insane amounts of stress could turn anyone into that.

Do You Have Enough Free Time?

If you and your spouse-to-be both work full-time, wedding planning can get a whole lot more difficult than it might originally sound like it will be.

That said, the length of your engagement also plays a role in this. Are you planning to get married in two years or four months? One option dwindles the amount of time you’ll have for planning way down, but the other still leaves plenty – even for those with busy schedules.

Planning a wedding can be like a part-time job, so if you don’t think you have any chance to set the time aside, choosing a wedding planner who can execute on your vision could be a really great idea.

Is There Anyone that Can Help You Out for Free?

Yes, I’m advocating for free-loading! It might not be fair to slam a friend or family member’s schedule with the full responsibility of a paid wedding planner, but if you know a few people who are really good at certain tasks, then maybe you can hand off a few things to take just enough of the burden off of your shoulders.

You might be surprised how helpful it is to have a small team of people helping you out along the way. Trusting people and delegating are key to making your day a success and your planning process stress-free.

How Complex is Your Dream Wedding?

Think about all of the details you’ve ever imagined including in your weddings, and then consider your budget in an attempt to imagine what the day might actually look like. If you’re thinking about an elegant wedding that’s on par with what the royals might do, then you’re definitely going to want a wedding planner that can bring it all together in a way that you, your friends, and your family simply can’t.

That said, simpler weddings and even some that fall within the more average amounts of complexity don’t always require a wedding planner. This can be so much the case that hiring one might just end up as a completely unnecessary expense.


If reading this makes you confident that you need to hire a wedding planner, consider hiring one of the professionals from my friends at Bellagala! I’m not being paid to recommend them (although I do work with Bellagala) I just think that they really are that good!

On the other hand, if you’ve decided not to hire a wedding planner, then happy wedding planning! If you choose me as your photographer, I’d be happy to help make your day-of planning easier in any way that I can.