Best Wedding photography Spots in Minneapolis

I want to unbox what I’ve learned to be some of the best indoor and outdoor locations for photography in the Twin Cities.

I don’t know it all – and if you know of some spectacular wedding photography locations in the Twin Cities, I’d love to have you share them in the comment section!

I love Minnesota, and the other day I was asked about what my favorite wedding photography spots are in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities area.

What are my favorite wedding photography locations?

Now that’s a blog I want to write!

I was immediately struck with a bunch of qualifying “yeah buts,” because when you’re planning wedding photography locations in Minneapolis, you’ll always prioritize the itinerary and venue so that people will be on time.

So let’s get that out of the way for sure. Obviously, every location we choose for your wedding needs to fit within the itinerary…

But when my friend asked about my favorite locations in Minneapolis for photography, I jumped with some great ideas.

Wedding Photography Locations Minneapolis

Best Wedding or Engagement Photo Locations in Minneapolis Minnesota

Before we get started, here’s one quick tip: Since the locations you can use for wedding photography are sometimes limited by the wedding party’s itinerary and the venue location, it’s often more fun to spend more time traveling around and telling a story with your engagement photos.

Since there’s only the three of us, it’s much easier to travel more and get more creative.

3 Tips About Wedding Photography Locations:


1 – Tell the Story with Engagement Photos

Remember, you’ll be less flexible during the wedding, so it’s best to get all our creative juices flowing during the engagement session.

Take the time to drive to locations that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a favorite date, location, where you grew up, where you proposed, or where you first met. Take the time to do some fun, narrative shooting with your photographer.

Take your photographer on a date!


Seriously, you don’t have to pay for food or anything, but you can just go on a date to a restaurant, park, or wherever, and then we can capture those moments.

These shoots are fun, and they’re unique to the couple.

That’s my main advice – be creative, fun, and spend time during the engagement session since it’s the time to linger, drive a bit more, and be flexible.

2 – Plan Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Minnesota creates weather problems, so it’s good to identify great indoor locations as well as outdoor.

Summer weddings in Minnesota provide some of the most beautiful locations for wedding photography at a farm, acreage, or just a park – but you’ve got to plan for the thunderstorm, snowstorm, or just a windy Minnesota day.

Best Indoor Locations for Wedding Photos:

Minnesota is a gold mine for indoor wedding photography locations – the key is knowing which ones require a permit (or special permissions) and which do not.

Often, if you’re shooting indoors somewhere, you’ll need a permit to shoot in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which increases wait time and is sometimes a headache.

It’s never a problem if you have enough planning & time, but it’s just another level of headaches that could occur.

3 – Think About Lighting & Timing

I’m able to make things look great, but sometimes harsh afternoon light isn’t very flattering.

This can make things a little difficult, depending on the time of year your wedding will be taking place. We need to consider that the harsh, direct, sunlight is not very flattering or appealing.

The best time for photos – the VERY VERY BEST – is Golden Hour

Golden Hour will produce the most gorgeous lighting – but it’s possible to make anything work.

There are so many beautiful places to shoot wedding photos in the Minnesota summer, winter, fall or spring – but it really comes down to lighting.

Sure, I’ll be able to make anything work, but it’s important to know that harsh lighting, during the middle of the afternoon might not have as much appeal as shots taken in morning or evening light.

When the sun is highest, it’s often best to find locations that provide some shade or lighting help. Great photographers will find great shots anywhere, but the best lighting is the hours right before dusk.

As the sun sets, the harsh lighting settles down, and you’ll have the opportunity to get much better shots in uncovered areas.

So think about the time of sunset, the position of the sun in the sky, and remember that the absolute BEST lighting for photos is the hour before sunset.

Top 3 Indoor Wedding Photography Locations

1 – Guthrie In Minneapolis

2 – Landmark Center in St. Paul

3 – Union Depot St. Paul

My Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Photography Locations in Minneapolis or St. Paul

1 – Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is a popular wedding photography and engagement photo location, but that’s because there’s so much more than the iconic shots. There are little pockets all over the place that allow for diversity of photos and will provide you with a session that’s unique, special AND iconic.

2 – Arneson Acres Park in Edina

Ameson Acres Park in Edina is a great location for wedding photography and engagement photos because it has lots of open space, and there’s a beautiful garden available with well kept greenery and different features to keep things interesting.

3- Muriel Sahlin Arboretum in Roseville

4 – College Campuses Around the Twin Cities

This might sound too broad, but you can often get some AMAZING photos at some of the local universities and colleges.

5 – Lake Elmo Park Reserve

This gigantic reserve is an amazing photography destination. The diverse landscape offers lakes, trails, wooded areas, and more.

Unlike some of the other most beautiful parks, the Lake Elmo Park Reserve offers the option for photos on both paved paths or grass paths. You’ll have the option of something that looks a little more rugged, but also the ability to keep your dress nice and clean as well!