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Chara Juneau – Art de la Photographie

A Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Hi there! My name’s Chara Michele, and I’m a wedding photographer based out of the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area. I recently moved to Minnesota from Seattle where I worked as a wedding & engagement photographer for several years. Now that I’ve moved to Minnesota, I’m eager to work with brides and grooms to make their wedding day special and memorable. My goal is for your wedding photos to be timeless – not trendy. Years down the road, I want you to be able to enjoy your photos!


Planning a wedding is hard work! Sorting through vendors is tough, and so is trying to decide on your favorites! Once you’ve gotten that far, it just seems like you’re met with more and more headaches about planning out wedding photos, locations, ideas, and more. My goal is to take all of that weight off of your shoulders! Let’s talk a little bit more about your wedding!

Stress-Free Wedding Planning I want to help ensure that photography adds zero stress into the mix. Since I’ve shot so many weddings in the past, I’m able to reduce stress and guide you along as we capture every wonderful moment.

A Timeless Style that’s Light & Airy No flavor of the week here,  I focus on shooting with a style that’s timeless. It’s important to me that your photos can be enjoyed for years on end- without becoming victim to a trendiness that will die away.

A Minneapolis Wedding Photographer That’s Willing to Travel! If you need a wedding photographer in Minneapolis or St Paul, I’d love to talk! In fact, I’m available to work in the entire Twin Cities metro area. I’m even willing to travel! Whether you’re in Rochester, MN or Aruba, lets connect to see if I’m a good fit! I’m also continuing to shoot in the Seattle area, so if you’re located there, feel free to give me a call!

How can I help make your wedding day easier? When I shoot weddings, my goal is to capture all of your most important memories so that you can enjoy them for years to come. If there’s anything I can do before, during, or after your wedding to take a little bit of extra stress away, please do let me know. I’d be happy to help out.